Our Courses

Brendan Cannon - CEO Advanced Metadata Daragh O'Brien has long been a global expert regarding Data Protection and the GDPR. In this product, his expertise is complemented by an easy to rollout, super professionally produced training that also offers evidence based reporting of culture change. Four well priced courses and reporting covered all the bases for our organisation. I'd not only recommend this training, I use it as a cornerstone of our customer offering.

Diarmaid Flynn - Client Service Director at Ergo I'm very impressed. The training quickly encompasses the essentials in very professional way. It then moves beyond that offering into clear insights for different user levels. This includes project implementation training including the 12-step methodology published by article 29 working group right through to proven implementations based on data quality frameworks. This online training goes far beyond the standard fare offered in most tools and data sheets. We’ve rolled out the training in our office and we recommend it to our clients.

Lorraine McArdle - Director at Height for Hire In a busy environment, it's important to get to the heart of matters quickly. The first modules presented by Clare do just that. The clear language is suitable for executive, management and operational staff alike and presents this impending challenge in a non-alarmist way. I like the focus on clarifying our vision and on solutions not problems. The reporting tool is very important so that we can have measurable and evidence based documentation should an auditor knock on the door.

John M Walsh - Data Trust Associates I really like this online training… the general user training is pitched at just the right level to get a common understanding of Data Protection across an organisation. As ever, Daragh O'Brien's huge knowledge and keen insights shine through in the Executive and Technical courses. This solution sets the standard in online Data Protection training and reporting and I plan to use it as our solution set with clients.