#GDPR – The business opportunity

Most organisations view the GDPR as yet another hoop to jump through to do business…. But are they missing an opportunity? Quite apart from companies who place respect for their customers’ data front and centre, there are opportunities for all organisations.

In this video, Daragh O’Brien discusses the business opportunity in Data Protection…

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#GDPR – Data Protection and Data Security.

Know your Data Protection from your Data Security? While Information security standards such as ISO27x map very well to the GDPR, they are distinct skill areas.

In this video Daragh O’Brien discusses the difference between both and how they should work in tandem together.

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GDPR – the myth of ‘compliance’

The words ‘compliance’ and ‘GDPR’ are often found together in glossy promotional material or websites. It’s a good approach to marketing but in reality – it’s not that simple!

In this video Daragh O’Brien notes that the GDPR should really be viewed through the lens of ‘risk management’. When considering your risk management process you should think about a number of things. These include:

  • The nature of the information you are processing
  • The nature of the individuals / data subjects you are processing data about
  • The nature of the processing itself.
  • The risks or impacts for the individual / data subject and their fundamental rights.

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A short video about the sanctions and penalites associated with the GDPR

A short video about the sanctions and penalites associated with the GDPR. Daragh O’Brien of Castlebridge Associates notes that sanctions under the GDPR fall under 3 categories: Administrative fines, litigation, and other regulatory action.

Fines, litigation and reputational damage have been regularly highlights but ‘other regulatory actions’ are often ignored in GDPR information packs. These can include an order to stop processing or even deleting databases.

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The GDPR in summary

A short summary of the General Data Protection Regulation from our library… our next 2 posts in this series will focus on ‘sanctions associated with the GDPR’ and ‘The GDPR in more detail’.